Minutes of KCI meeting. RSA community Building. 13/7/20 
Meeting opened 2:20pm

In attendance: Brian Jones(chair & minutes), Peter Gibson, David Sanders, Rosalie Sampson,
Dyan Hansen and Liz Kerslake
Apologies: Peter Moynihan, Peter Langford, Caroline Jones and Dave Guppy .
M/ P Gibson. S/ D Sanders:- carried.

Minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated.
Moved as correct P Gibson. S/D Sanders: - carried

Matters arising:
 The youth group total in the financial report was a typo
 The DoC community fund declined the Rata Reserve application. They will now apply
to Lottery Environment and Heritage. A survey by Chris Coll will cost between $1200
and $1500and will happen in around 6 weeks time
 LisaMcDowell can provide all plants
 Possibly a meeting of this subcommittee next week.
 Subs letter still to be drafted
 FoKAS: - nothing happening at present. A 3 way MoU has to be developed between the Ministry of Education, the Board of Trustees and KCI. Still waiting on start date and full cost.

Finances: The financial report had been circulated. Decided 15 cents of interest from the Hokioi account was easiest to transfer to admin account. Fixed deposit for Partnership Manager to be transferred to the current account.
Moved P Gibson. S/D Sanders: - carried

Liz left 2:45pm
Partnership Managers Position: - Further robust discussions were had over the position andremuneration for next year.
Dyan left 3:05pm

The KCI Committee will review the current employment contract, with a view to renewing for a further two years at an increased rate of remuneration.
Moved D Sanders. S/P Gibson: - carried

The current PM contract will be circulated to the committee for review.
Next meeting August 10 th at 7:30pm

Meeting Closed 3:20pm.

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