Minutes KCI

Meeting opened 1959

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Gibson, P Langford, E Kerslake
Apologies: D Guppy
That the apologies be accepted:
moved B Jones
seconded R Sampson

The chair stated that in future a financial summary will be added to the minutes.
That the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted:
moved: Peter Gibson
seconded: P Langford

Matters Arising
The South Terrace Zigzag Track has been cleared.
Dion is willing to keep an eye on the track for future maintenance.
KCI will apply for funding to finance this maintenance. The library website has a funding application schedule.

Work on the Community Center (RSA) building will begin in April. Before then a path will need to be cleared on the west side of the toilet block to allow access for a trailer for rubbish.

Inwards Correspondence
Charities Services freezing KCI’s application for charitable status until further information is provided. Deadline 31st Jan 2019.

General Business
More information is required for the Charitable Status application. Chair and secretary to look at this.

Financial Report
GST of $18.75 has been added to the account for C Langford.
Accounts for payment and report be accepted:
moved R Sampson
seconded P Gibson
The term deposit of $60k has been set up.

Policies and Procedures – Conflict of Interest
A register of committees will be set up. Any conflict of interest will be mentioned either at the start of a meeting (if the topic is in the agenda) or as it arises during the meeting.

Next meeting:
11 February, 7pm, at the RSA

Meeting closed 2030.

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