KCI 10 February 2010
Meeting opened 1410.

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Langford, P Gibson, D Guppy,
D Sanders, D Hansen, O DeRooy E Kerslake.
Apology D.Guppy
Moved that the apologies be accepted.
Moved: P Langford
Seconded: D Sanders

E Kerslake left the room.
Into Committee to discuss the Partnership managers contracted remuneration 1413.

Out of committee 1425.

Ona and Dyan left the meeting.

Liz came back into meeting. B Jones informed Liz that mileage had been ratified to be in adjusted to the IRD recommended rate and we will have a separate meeting to discuss other remuneration later once feedback has been received from DIA

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Previously circulated and taken as read.
Moved R Sampson
Seconded P Langford

Matters Arising: none

Financial Report:
As circulated.
P Gibson had queries that were dealt with.
P Gibson moved that accounts be approved for payment.
Moved: P Gibson
Seconded: P Langford

It was noted that the interest accrued on accounts can be spent on anything, but GST must be spent only on items in the original budget.

For KCI accountability, accounts need to be presented early enough for us to pass before they are due
for payment.

That Friends of Karamea School (FKS) be added to KCI’s list of account holders.
Moved: B Jones
Seconded: P Langford

Rata Reserve had a meeting last Monday. It ties in well with urban design plan from a few years ago.
B Jones moved that KCI support the Rata Reserve Committee.
Seconded: R Sampson

P Gibson asked for letters of support for
1. Domain. Planted 650, lost 17. Want funds for replacement.
2. RSA. Support from CGF for insurance.
3. Revitilsation fund want to put seating around palm trees, also want to plant hedge.
Moved that we give letters of support.
Moved: C Jones
Seconded: P Langford

Meeting closed 1500

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