Minutes KCI
Meeting opened 20:10

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), D Guppy, E Kerslake, D Hansen
Apologies: P Gibson, P Langford, P Moynihan
That the apologies be accepted:
moved C Jones
seconded B Jones

The minutes were tabled for acceptance.
moved: D Guppy
seconded: R Sampson

Matters Arising
The application for Charitable Status has been submitted and received.
A Register of Committees to show possible conflicts of interest has been started.
A Health and Safety policy has been tweaked and will be read and ratified at the next meeting or by

Inwards Correspondence

Financial Report
A payment on behalf of the Oparara Reserve Project, for rock protection at the
Oparara River public domain, had been approved by email.
D Guppy registered a conflict of interest.

A cheque was signed on behalf of the Oparara Valley Trust. R Sampson registered a conflict of
interest. This meant there were not enough committee members present to form a quorum for
voting on this payment so approval will be held over to the next meeting.

It was moved that the financial report be accepted.
Moved R Sampson
seconded D Guppy

General Business
R Sampson requested that the CDLP allow internet banking for the Partnership Manager’s wages.
moved C Jones
seconded D Guppy

The Oparara (yet to be properly named) group is applying for a Buller District Council grant for
further funding. Because KCI will be the fund-holder (we have audited accounts), a Memorandum of
Understanding will be drafted between the Oparara group and KCI.

Meeting closed 20:25

Next meeting:
11 March, 7pm, at the RSA (But this was not discussed at the meeting. Or at all.)

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