Minutes Karamea Community Incorporated meeting 8th February 2021

Meeting opened 7:50pm

Present: Brian Jones (Chair + meeting notes),Rosalie Sampson,Dave Guppy, Dave Sanders, Peter Gibson, Peter Moynihan, Liz Kerslake, Peter Langford. Apologies: Caroline Jones, Dyan Hansen.

That the apologies be accepted. M-Rosalie, S-Peter M

Minutes of the previous meeting (circulated by email): Taken as read.

That the minutes are a true and accurate record, with the following amendments, $492 to youth group payments and the FOKAS payment to school was $461 897.50. M-Rosalie, S-Peter G

Matters arising; none other than those addressed above.

Financial Report: Rata reserve Balance should read $24 470 not $27 470.

The Oparara Valley money has been put in term investment until required.

That the Financial report be accepted and payment of accounts be made : M- rosalie, S- Peter G

Rata Reserve report: Dave S to contact Rick Barry to check if it is Ok to poison the willows in the proposed reserve area. Will also check the status of the application for a license to occupy. Dave S and Liz are making modifications to the CLDP funding applicatiion.

FOKAS report:- The community contribution has been paid over to the school. Still waiting to see what extra funding will be required. the Hall is in the second stage of the re-build, so will be a while. At this point the meeting was side-tracked, the secretary wasn't there to keep us on track........

General Business: Angela Cronin is applying for funding for a Buller District Council Community Grant. Discussion was held as to whether we should act as a fundholder for her application. That we support Angela Cronin's application to the Buller District Council and act as fundholder for any resulting funding. M-Peter M, S-Dave S.

South Terrace Zig-zag track. An ad was published asking for expressions of interest in doing a trim of vegetation and windfall trees. No replies have been received. Dave S and Dave G offered to have a look and see what needs doing. Will possibly do the work.

KCI/CLDP newsletter. Dave S will be sending a version of Liz's report to KCI members. Rosalie gave him a list of subscribers.

Next meeting: - March 8th 7:00pm Meeting closed 8:35pm

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