Karamea Community Incorporated Minutes (including Special Meeting) DRAFT

7pm 14 May 2018

Karamea Bowling Club

Present: Kathleen Gavigan, Clive Hellyar, Brian Corner, Paul Murray, Peter Moynihan, Sylvia Raikes, Rosalie Sampson, Brian Jones, Kathleen Gavigan

Apologies: Dyan Hansen, Peter Gibson, Brian Partridge, Ian Hedgman


Whakatauākī: Raramai Adcock

“Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” (Mae West).


  1. 1.     Special Meeting:

Purpose: To vote on a proposed change to Item 24 of the Karamea Community Incorporated constitution:



The financial year of the organisation shall end on the 30th day of June each year––at which time all accounts shall be balanced––and begins again on July 1.



The financial year of the organisation shall end on the 31st day of March each year––at which time all accounts shall be balanced––and begins again on April 1.

Paul moved that we adopt the proposed amendment to Item 24, Brian J seconds. Motion carried (with Peter Gibson voting by telephone on speakerphone).

Any other business.

Financials to be introduced at another special meeting or the annual general meeting.

  1. Closure of Special Meeting and Start of Monthly KCI Committee Meeting. 7.16pm.
  2. Conflict of interest notifications – Rosalie declared an interest in anything relating to the Oparara.
  3. Approval of minutes and review from previous meeting including action items (9 Apr 2018).  Rosalie moved to accept minutes as true and correct, Brian J seconds.





Kohaihai Lookout track—update on MOU

DOC digger is on its way, and work is likely to start in a couple of weeks. MOU is still outstanding.


Charitable Status application

Brian/Rosalie: in progress; need contact and person details of all committee members.


Additional signatory for Oparara Arch Track Upgrade

Rosalie—done (still needs to be verified by Kathleen)


Letter of Agreement - Lottery Environment & Heritage Fund / Ōpārara Valley Project Trust & Karamea Community Incorporated.

Rosalie—sent off


Availability of Peter Gibson to do the accounts for the financial year

Done. MOTION: Rosalie moves that we purchase a thank you gift to Peter (Four Square account has been set up). Paul seconds.

 6. Treasurer’s report (Rosalie)

Oparara sub-account has been set up as a holding vehicle for CLDP investment (need to include term deposit portion in accounts upon reinvestment). Similar process can be used for other investments.

Accounts for payment: hall hire ($60), KIRC for photocopying ($52.90+subscription $50), Cash Manager update ($238.27) TOTAL: $401.17. Account for repiling: Market Cross Community Group is happy with the job done by Blue Mule, account can be paid.  MOTION: Rosalie moves that the financial position (with next accounts to include term deposit investments) be accepted and accounts be paid. Clive seconds. Motion carried.

Last Resort will be submitting invoice for hire rental ($160) for Karamea Hui; Bowling Club will be submitting invoice for hire of tables, chairs, white boards, urns, crockery for Karamea Hui. KCI expressed their gratitude to the Bowling Club for their willingness in accommodating our needs, and we agreed that the Bowling Club would be a good venue for a future Hui, in the interests of supporting a community group.

 7. KCI CLDP applications (Brian C)

  1. Community connector: not at this time; subject to review
  2. Community website development:  

ACTION: Radek is going ahead with website upgrade with assistance from web team. KCI will provide feedback from the Hui and additional briefs to help guide structure of website, and notes that there is a growing sense of urgency in having the upgraded website in place to support our CLDP efforts (target date third quarter 2018?). Community members will need to contribute content to support the new website. Additional funding application is not needed at this time, but may be revisited in future if necessary.  Brian C will report back next meeting.

8. Karamea May Hui Report

Take aerodrome expansion out of the action plan (since this is already being undertaken by Aerodrome Committee).

Action Plan will be posted on community website (ACTION: Kathleen to send to Peter M for final review; Brian C will post on website).

The Karamea Community Plan is a community-led development programme and it is open to everyone to get involved.  Any person or group with an idea can set up a project group to put it into action and they can join the programme at any stage. The Karamea Community Plan 2017-22 and the Karamea Community Action Plan 2018-19 are living documents that are updated when necessary. Any projects that are in line with the goals in these plans will be incorporated into the plan.

Next Hui to review progress in May 2019.

MOTION: Peter moves that we adopt the Action Plan and the Hui Report, Clive seconds. Motion carried.

Kathleen will embark on building a calendar of social events for the Karamea Community.

Clarification: Oparara Wilderness Lodge is in planning stage (OVWT).

9. Wellington Hui discussion. Delegates will report back after the Hui.

10. Buller REAP Board nominations.

Kathleen has been on the board, and is willing to stand again. MOTION: Clive moves that we submit Kathleen as a board nomination; Sylvia seconds. Motion carried.

11. Co Starters for Causes

Interest is building in conjunction with the feasibility study of the Karamea Food Centre (June), and it is likely we will have sufficient numbers to support us holding a Karamea-based Co Starters for Causes later in the year. ACTION: Paul will report back.

12. Community well-being survey ACTION: Brian C will deliver to community on behalf of KCI, upon go ahead from Love Kawatiri.

13. General Business

  1. Approval of accounts for 1 April 2017—31 March 2018. MOTION:Paul moves that we accept the accounts for 1 April 2017—31 March 2018; Brian J seconds. Motion carried.
  2. Projector for community use. Projector will be held at Karamea Information & Resource Centre, Clive will write up a policy sheet (free to Karamea community groups; $20 rental to external groups).
  3. EXULT meeting. Sylvia attended and found it useful. She will also attend May 31 EXULT workshop in Christchurch. Will be reimbursed for expenses incurred from CLDP training and admin funds.

Volunteer for June whakatauākī: Sylvia

Meeting closed: 9.34pm

Next meeting: 7pm Mon June 11, 2018 at Karamea Community Centre (former RSA).


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