KCI Meeting Mon 9 July 2018 Draft Minutes

7.00 pm (Community Centre)

Apologies: Brian Corner

Guests: Dyan Hansen and Marten Schievink (DIA)

Whakatauākī:  Sylvia

  1. 1.    Conflict of interest notifications.

Raramai advised that she had been retained to prepare a plan for the Sanctuary to Sea Group and Rosalie reiterated her Oparara Valley Trust involvement.


  1. 2.    Approval of minutes (12 June 2018)and review from previous meeting including action items (see these at end of the minutes)

Moved that the minutes be confirmed: Clive

Seconded: Rosalie



3. Treasurer’s report (Rosalie)

Rosalie referenced the reports circulated with the Agenda – Info centre are looking at accounting process improvement to identify photocopying orders – email requests for copying does provide a partial paper trail in the meantime.

Moved that the report be accepted: Rosalie

Seconded: Paul



CLDP matters

4. Role of KCI in processing of funding applications by KCI (Kathleen)

There was a robust and wide ranging discussion on the role of KCI in the context of how the fundholder/leadership combination as stated in the Partnership Agreement should operate. The following points record the main themes that were discussed – the action which will flow from these is noted in the latter part of this section of the minutes.


a)    There is confusion around the term “governance” and it was agreed that an alternative and more easily understood terminology should be used –e.g. “leadership”.


b)    The Agreement includes the following - “ ………KCI is committed to forming an appropriate community-led governance structure ………” The consensus of the Committee is that this should not be taken to mean the establishment of another layer of decision making and administration but that the Committee itself can provide that governance (leadership) role. While the terms of the Agreement may be ambiguous on this point it was agreed that no amendment would be made.


c)    Evidence will need to be provided that KCI has a mandate from the community to act in a leadership role for the community – this having already been initiated by the consultation processes already undertaken and the adoption of the five year community plan and the one year action plan emerging from that consultation.


d)    The use of the Te reo word “Hui” as a substitute for “meeting” is not culturally appropriate given that a hui includes mihi and the acknowledging of participants’ whakapapa among other practices. If we do not follow those practices we should not use this term.


e)    If the KCI Committee undertakes the community leadership role the agenda for each meeting of the group should be restructured by commencing with CLDP issues in its community leadership role then closing off and moving on to KCI matters enabling the DIA Community Adviser to leave the meeting if he or she wishes to do so. This will put a clear dividing line between the role and function of the leadership group and KCI’s governance. It will also enable the DIA Community Adviser and other guests to leave the meeting if they wish to do so.


f)     In communicating with the community (e.g. canvassing whether or not there is a community mandate for KCI to act in leadership role on behalf of the Community) multiple channels need to be utilised.

 (Note from Clive. We need to be clear that the mandate we seek is only in respect of the CLDP – not other issues such as rates reform)


g)    The leadership role of KCI is not about making decisions on application or project priorities. It is about encouraging alignment with the clusters of the one year action plan and the five year community plan, noting that consideration can still be given to new initiatives provided they can demonstrate a community willingness to include them in the Plans.

h)    An opportunity for the community to submit any additions to the Community and Annual Plans needs to be put in place, initially in the Chronicle and also using other media such as Facebook


i)      The question of how the applications are lodged (e.g. perhaps jointly with KCI and the DIA Community Adviser before formal lodgement on the DIA on line system and what flows from there?) is in abeyance pending clarification of KCI’s community leadership role.


j)      The application from Sanctuary to Sea Group should continue.


k)    The issue of an application for funding for a community connector(s) should be revisited.


Actions (CLDP)



Prepare draft communication and means of connecting with the community to establish community consensus on KCI CLDP leadership role


Publish One Year Action Plan and Five Year community Plan in Chronicle (and other media?) to provide opportunity for comment. (Needs to be coordinated with the above.)


Include Community Connector role on next meeting agenda

Brian C

Restructure next meeting agenda as per above

Brian C


Further KCI matters


5. Market Cross Hub developments (Clive)

Plans and supporting documents for the Karamea Community Centre (ex RSA) have now been provided and the application for building consent can now proceed and a builder selection process implemented. Clive has had a meeting with Tony Ibbotson to discuss alignment with the work he is undertaking on the properties opposite the Community Centre – these discussions will be ongoing. Mitre 10 Westport have selected the Community Centre upgrade for a $5000.00 materials (at cost) grant and a discounted account arrangement for ongoing purchases – this still requires ratification by the Mitre 10 Head Office who part subsidise this grant. This will need to be taken into account in the builder selection process.





6. Regional Economic Growth Feasibility Study update (Clive)

An email from the Oparara Basin Feasibility Study has been circulated by the coordinator advising that “….there is no longer an ‘either/or’ with Oparara and Kawatiri projects. Both will be put forward and considered for funding.” She also stated that they hope to have the Study with MBIE by mid-July.”


7. General Business

There was no General business and the meeting closed at 9.35 pm with a vote of thanks to Marten for travelling from Dunedin to attend the meeting.



Action Items (KCI)


Action Item




Kohaihai Lookout track—update on MOU

DOC digger has started work. MOU is still to be finalised. (Peter)



Charitable Status application

Application may have been lodged by Brian – Rosalie to check. (Brian/Rosalie)



Volunteer for August whakatauākī: To be decided

Next meeting: 7pm Monday 13 August 2018.

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