Minutes Karamea Community Incorporated Meeting 7pm Tue 7 November, 2017

Karamea Community Centre (former RSA Hall)


Present: Raramai Adcock, Brian Corner (Secretary), Kathleen Gavigan, Clive Hellyar, Brian Jones, Peter Moynihan (Chair), Radek, Sylvia Raikes, Rosalie Sampson (Treasurer)


Apologies: Garry Howard, Paul Murray, Dyan Hansen, Juliette James, Sheryl Rhind (Sheryl also tendered her resignation from the committee)


Guests: Emily Miazga (Buller District Council), Peter Gibson, Willow Alber


Whakatauākī: Raramai Adcock

He waka eke noa

A canoe which we are all in with no exception.


This was a reiteration from last month, and a reminder that we all need to be mindful of our purpose in serving the community, and to be respectful of each other.



  1. Review and approval of minutes from previous meeting (Oct 9 2017)

Procedure going forward: circulate agenda and Treasurer’s Report a week before meeting.


MOTION: That the minutes be approved as a true and accurate record of the meeting on Oct 9, 2017.

Brian J moves, Radek seconds. Motion passed.


2. Treasurer’s report

Registered for GST, annual return based on April 1—Mar 31 financial year has been submitted. End of year cannot be changed (constitution needs to be changed). CashManager has been purchased as a donation by Rosalie Sampson, and will be used for accounting. Change of signatories will be required. Balance of funds 7 November 2017: $1113.44


MOTION: That Peter, Brian J, Rosalie be appointed as signatories.

Clive moves, Radek seconds Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: That accounts be approved for payment, and report be accepted.

Rosalie moves, Brian J seconds. Motion passed


ACTION: Re the Zig zag track, Rosalie will invoice Buller District Council for $500.


3. Correspondence

Inland Revenue advised that Karamea Community Incorporated have now been registered for GST; Inland Revenue confirmed that Rosalie Sampson has been appointed as Executive Officer to act on behalf of Karamea Community Incorporated.


MOTION: That correspondence be accepted.

Rosalie moves, Kathleen seconds. Motion passed.

4. Action Items





Liaise with DOC re Memorandum of Understanding for Kohaihai’s Zig Zag track (rename as Kohaihai lookout?): Peter emailed DOC officer Suvi van Smit, she has almost finished management agreement, will send out mid-November for our approval.

Peter M


Submit paperwork for membership of Buller REAP -- done

Brian C


GST registration for KCI; tax issues -- done



KCI Membership list – maintained on Karamea.nz, Brian C will update as subscriptions come in, and he is notified.

Clive, Treasurer, Brian C


Draft CLDP Project Process (see Agenda Item 5 below)



Membership of Karamea Information & Resource Centre -- KCI is now a Community Member of the Information Centre.

Brian C


Market Cross Hub Development Update – Peter Gibson to serve as contact to Nicole the architect for site visit as prelude to getting Building Consent. Peter M, Clive, Ian Hedgman, Brian Partridge are active in moving this project forward. Radek asked that we be clear in having a process for requests for proposals when we get to the stage of work being done, with wider advertising than just the Chronicle, but preference to West Coast talent. Council is holding funds ($93,000) for the project, with release of funds subject to approval by KCI. Funds can be processed through KCI accounts. ACTION: Clive will send follow-up email to Nicole emphasising urgency, and requesting a firm date, and give Peter G as contact while Clive is away. If she is unable to do within next 3 weeks, we will investigate other options.



5. Community-Led Development Programme:

Brian J: proposed that KCI be more formal in how we liaise (especially with Department of Internal Affairs), have a formally created sub-committee. Structure of group: Executive Committee (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) serving ex officio, plus Clive, Sylvia, Kathleen, Brian J. Brian C will coordinate. Group will report back to the Committee.


ACTION: Brian J send Draft Terms of Reference to Brian C for distribution.


MOTION: That a partnering group be set up to facilitate liaison with Department of Internal Affairs and other bodies.

Rosalie moves, Brian J seconds. Motion passed.


Document received from Dyan Hansen: Role of a Backbone Organization will be circulated. ACTION: Brian C


Partnering group and other KCI committee members are to be encouraged to attend meeting with Dyan Hansen Mon Nov 13 7pm at the Karamea Community Centre (former RSA).

ACTION: Brian C will set up first meeting time.


Other items (offer of help from Dyan Hansen, listing of projects on website) relating to the Community-Led Development Programme deferred until after the Partnering Group has met.


6. Setting subscriptions for KCI membership.

Subs are now subject to GST.

MOTION: That subs be set at $5 (including GST) for the year.

Clive moves, Radek seconds. Motion passes.


7. Teams: Partnering; Building group: Website group. We already have some existing teams; monitor and be prepared to create new teams if the need arises.

8. KCBL funds for website group & sub-account

ACTION: Rosalie will follow-up with Peter Langford for transfer of funds for website development. Funds can be isolated.


9. General business


Rosalie informed that Inland Revenue has advised that as a Community Group, our balance date needs to be March 31, yet our constitution lists it as June 30.


MOTION: That we change the balance date for Karamea Community Incorporated to March 31 (has been June 30)

Rosalie moves, Brian J seconds. Motion passes.

Item has been added to agenda for 2018 Annual General Meeting of KCI.


Emily: Buller District Council by-election will be early February, and KCI could be involved in hosting a meet-the-candidates event. Emily spoke on need for possible candidates to be aware of what is involved going into it, and not be coming in with just one or two agendas.


Emily: Rates overhaul proposal information is available at the Karamea Information & Resource Centre, as well as on the Buller District Council website. Submissions close 18 December.


Meeting closed:  8:53 pm


Next meeting: 4pm Monday 11 December (please note change in time to allow residents to attend the Buller District Council Rate Overhaul Proposal Public Meeting).


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