Minutes Karamea Community Incorporated Meeting Wed 17 October 2018

7.00 pm Karamea Community Centre (former RSA)


Present: Brian Corner, Rosalie Sampson, Brian Jones, Dyan Hansen, Barry Chalmers

Apologies: Clive Hellyar, Peter Moynihan. Rosalie moved that we accept apologies.

Since the last meeting, Raramai Adcock and Kathleen Gavigan have announced their resignation from the committee (and for Kathleen, from KCI).


Whakatauākī: Brian Corner

Never cease chiseling your own statue (Plotinus)


Community-Led Development Programme business

  1. Conflict of interest notifications
  2. Community-Led Development Programme Updates

Partnership Group: Another community get-together needed after the AGM to identify 4 or 5 people who are willing to serve in this role as interface with Department of Internal Affairs. Communication link, monitoring and motivating, updating community plan as required. Partnership Group would need to meet a minimum of monthly (per CLDP agreement). Community Activator could work under Buller REAP (or other organization), with funding held by KCI, who would be invoiced. Activator reports back to Partnership Group. Job description needs to be fleshed out, then can go ahead and advertise for candidates. Dyan will circulate draft. Applications would still be submitted via KCI, who remain as fundholder.


Brian C will travel to Wellington for evaluation workshop Oct 31, and submit CLDP application for expenses.


Myth-busting column on CLDP—to come once Partnership Group is set up.


Partnering Advisor drop-in sessions proposed—can be 3 per month over 2 days, providing access for individuals, small groups, projects, and with Community Activator/Connector, when they are appointed.


  1. Barry Chalmers: update on Hokioi project

Two sculptors are under consideration. Links with Karamea: Maori legend; fossil bones have been found in Honeycomb Hill Cave; 1874 was year the Hokioi was named Haast’s Eagle, also the year that Karamea was founded. Widespread community support, and very limited opposition voiced. Funding opportunities exist but have not yet been sought. 1.5 tonne, will require transport from Christchurch. Lots of details to be worked out. Siting: adjacent to Information Centre is most likely. Meeting between Barry Chalmers, The Partnering Advisor, Brendon Wilson and Ned Tauwhare, as representatives of Ngati Apa kit e Ra To Trust and Te Runanga o Ngati Waewae Inc respectfully, is happening on 7 November, 12.30pm to 3.00pm at the Last Resort. One or two members of the current Partnering Group will attend. Application to CLDP is pending. We commend Barry for his dedicated work on the project.


CLDP portion of meeting concluded at 8.53pm.


Karamea Community Incorporated business

  1. Approval of Minutes September 10 meeting, and matters arising

Brian J moved that minutes be accepted. Carried.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

New account has been opened for the Oparara Source to Sea group. Brian C moved to approve accounts for payment and financial statements accepted. Carried. Kathleen Gavigan will need to be removed as a signatory on cheque account.

  1. General business: AGM needs to be promoted to attract as wide an audience as possible.


Next meeting: KCI Annual General Meeting 7pm Mon Oct 29, Karamea Community Centre

Whakatauākī volunteer: Rosalie Sampson


Meeting closed: 9.17pm

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