Minutes Karamea Community Incorporated Meeting Mon 13 August 2018 (DRAFT)

7.00 pm Karamea Community Centre (former RSA)


Present: Brian Jones (Acting Chair), Brian Corner (Secretary), Raramai Adcock, Rosalie Sampson (Treasurer) (no quorum)

Guests: Ian Hedgman (Market Cross Community Group); Dyan Hansen (Department of Internal Affairs)

Apologies: Peter Moynihan, Clive Hellyar, Kathleen Gavigan, Peter Gibson


Community-Led Development Programme business

  1. Conflict of interest notifications—no new conflicts were noted
  2. Community-Led Development Programme Updates


Dyan emphasized that the Community-Led Development Programme (CLDP) partnership is between Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and the Karamea community (not with Karamea Community Incoorporated (KCI) per se), with KCI having a leadership and fundholder role. Further CLDP applications, including the Oparara Source to Sea application, are on hold until KCI demonstrates a mandate from the community to act in both the leadership and fundholder roles.

Brian C will circulate email from Marten Schievink (DIA) regarding outcomes from July KCI meeting.

Dyan will edit August update that Brian C has already circulated to the community (via the community website, Facebook, and the Chronicle) and send comments to Brian C to upload on community site.

October meeting in Wellington will need up to two representatives Oct 31 to discuss annual report and evaluation process. KCI will choose those representatives.

Hokioi project: Dyan has met with the prospective sculptor Alan Brown. Funding would need to be obtained from multiple sources, if this project is to go ahead.

Blackball CLDP group visited Karamea Aug 11/12 (they had applied under CLDP for support to visit other small towns with major tourist attractions as a learning exercise—this might be a model that Karamea could implement as well).

Dyan reiterated her availability to come up to Karamea outside of scheduled KCI meetings for meetings with community members, if that was useful.


  1. Community Connector position

Dyan suggested that a part-time position is well worthy of consideration to help accelerate progress with the CLDP. Further discussion was held over until next meeting.


  1. Letter from Allwyn Gourley regarding Karamea School upgrades. Lottery Community Facilities Fund might be a suitable source of funding to help with school hall overhaul. Dyan will follow up with Allwyn.


Karamea Community Incorporated business



"Ko te kai rapu, ko i ate kite” 

“He who seeks will find.”

(submitted by Paul M)


Market Cross Community Group correspondence:  Brian C will write letter on behalf of KCI regarding funds from Vision 2010 being allocated for the Karamea Community Hall project, and send a draft around for approval no later than August 18, given August 28 Lottery Community Facilities Fund deadline is coming up fast.



  1. Approval of Minutes July 9 meeting, and matters arising

Brian C has now submitted the Charitable Status application on behalf of KCI.

  1. Treasurer’s Report. Accounts submitted for approval: $144.90 (payment for ad for building tender); two accounts for architect and engineer also submitted for approval (subject to building consents granted). Hall hire ($17.40) should read photocopying.
  2. Date of Annual General Meeting (Brian). Monday October 15 2018. Brian C will contact Peter Gibson to book the Karamea Community Centre, if it is available.
  3. General business

Raramai gave an update on the community website redevelopment, which is well under way. She also outlined some points from a recent presentation on promoting businesses via Facebook and Instagram, likely of great potential value to the Karamea area.

Karamea Community Radio station is now functioning, and will provide another channel for important community communications.


Next meeting: 7pm Mon Sept 10, Karamea Community Centre

Whakatauākī volunteer: none chosen


Meeting closed: 9.42pm


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