Karamea Community Incorporated Minutes 12 March 2018

7pm, Karamea Community Centre (previously the RSA)

Present: Kathleen Gavigan, Brian Corner (Secretary), Clive Hellyar, Rosalie Sampson (Treasurer), Peter Moynihan (Chair), Sylvia Raikes, Brian Jones

Apologies: Paul Murray, Raramai Adcock, Peter Gibson, Emily Miazga

Guests: Pete Howard (Buller REAP), Dyan Hansen (Department of Internal Affairs), Brian Partridge (Market Cross Community Group), Ian Hedgman (Market Cross Community Group), Kathy Blumm (The Whisper News)

Whakatauākī: Kathleen

Mahia i runga i te rangimārie me te ngākau māhaki

With a peaceful mind and respectful heart, we will always get the best results

  1. Conflict of interest notifications -- none
  2. Approval of minutes and review from previous meeting including action items (12 Feb 2018) Rosalie moved that minutes were true and correct; Clive seconds. Motion carried.





Kohaihai Lookout track

Peter is meeting with Suvi (Department of Conservation) Tue 27 March regarding the contract, trying to work out simpler arrangement. Kathleen and Rosalie will join the meeting.



Market Cross Hub Development

Nicole still working on drawings. Clive and Rosalie to work together to continue liaison.



KCBL funds. Received $2019.10



Community Plan (see item below)



Health & Safety Policy (see item below)



Admin costs application submission: application was submitted, awaiting review at end of March. $9078 was applied for.



  1. Treasurer’s report (Rosalie)

a. Charitable status for KCI: A major advantage is that withholding tax would not be taken out. Dyan: interest earned by funds earmarked for projects can be used by KCI as needed (but will follow up to confirm). Decision on whether KCI needs to use interest is pending on outcome of KCI’s admin application. Put on agenda for next meeting, and follow-up at hui in Wellington.

b. Potential conflict of interest for Oparara Arch Track Upgrade: Rosalie can prepare accounts, but need Brian J and one other trustee to approve payments. Dyan: KCI will need to mitigate close conflicts of interest.

MOTION: Brian J moved that Kathleen be added as an additional signatory, Sylvia seconded, motion carried

MOTION: Rosalie moved that financial accounts be accepted, Brian J seconded; motion carried.

MOTION: Rosalie moves we apply for charitable status, Brian J seconds. Motion carried.

ACTION: Brian C and Rosalie will work on charitable status application for KCI.

  1. Karamea Community Plan (Kathleen)

Prioritization of projects still needs to happen. Brian J: suggest change Key Strategies to something like Contributing Ideas

ACTION: Sylvia and Kathleen will organize community hui for Sat May 5, 1pm to 2.30pm. Community will work on identifying projects that will proceed in the coming year and who will be involved, e.g. using world café format.

  1. KCI CLDP applications (Clive)
    1. Website development
    2. Community Activator role

ACTION: Dyan and others to send input to Clive, who will then circulate to Partnering Liaison Group and Dyan.

Community Connector might be a better description.

ACTION: Sylvia to go ahead with EXULT workshops.

DECISION: Revisit Connector application after the May Hui.

  1. Review of Health & Safety Plan (Kathleen)

A key issue is likely to be whether KCI employs people or has contractors. Further review next meeting.

  1. Process for contracting (Clive)

KCI has a fundholder role, doesn’t have authority over project group. Only role of KCI will be to pay invoices submitted by project group (e.g. Oparara Valley Trust). Where KCI is contracting out the work (e.g. Market Cross Community Group partnership), process per flow-chart will be followed.

Market Cross Community Group will examine document, and revisit with Clive and Peter M.

  1. Recording of key committee decisions (Kathleen)

MOTION: Clive moved that we agree to adopt Kathleen’s approach to recording key decisions. Sylvia seconded. Motion carried.

  1. Karamea Comunity Centre project management

Market Cross Community Group will meet, Clive will attend.

  1. CoStarters forCauses applications.

MOTION: Clive moves that we defer making decision about a CoStarters for Causes course for Karamea until after the May hui. Kathleen seconds. Motion carried.

Currently 7 parties have expressed interest in participating.

  1. Peter Kenyon visit (Pete H)

Proposal: Peter Kenyon visits Karamea Tue 10 April, meets with KCI and wider community and helps navigate forward pathway with CLDP. Related activities in Westport over the next couple of days.

ACTION: Pete H to move ahead on this, keep KCI posted on developments.

  1. General Business

Brian P: Wrapping is all that is required for power to Karamea Community Centre.

Oparara Economic Growth Study Feasibility Study. Two consultants have been appointed, one for the road (Opus), and feasibility study for Oparara Basin to be undertaken by TRTC. Tracey (TRTC) will be here 27/28 March. KCI and the wider Karamea community needs to have a voice, unclear at this time what the best mechanism is.

Karamea Area School survey is open to the wider community. Access here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2T7HT5W

Volunteer for April whakatauākī: Peter M

Meeting closed 9.40pm.

Next meeting: 7pm Mon April 9, 2018


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