DRAFT (subject to ratification at March 12 meeting)

Karamea Community Incorporated Minutes 12 February 2018

6pm—7pm, Karamea Community Centre (previously the RSA)


Present: Brian Jones (Acting Chair), Rosalie Sampson (Treasurer), Brian Corner (Secretary), Clive Hellyar (Coordinator), Kathleen Gavigan, Paul Murray, Raramai Adcock, Sylvia Raikes

Apologies: Emily Miazga, Peter Moynihan, Peter Gibson

Guests:  Daniel Phillips (MPI), Sean Barnes (Akina), Jane Lancaster (Catalyst), Lori Katzer, Peter Howard, Dyan Hansen, Ian Hedgman

Whakatauākī: Kathleen emphasised the need for respect and civility in our meetings and all dealings.



  1. Conflict of Interest Register notifications

Brian C----noted potential for reimbursement in admin budget.

  1. Approval of minutes and review from previous meeting including action items (15 Jan 2017) Kathleen requested that decisions reached at the meeting be noted in future, as well as action items—Kathleen will revisit key decisions for next meeting.

Clive moved that minutes be accepted subject to changes, Brian J seconds.






Kohaihai Lookout track: pending

ACTION: Peter to revisit after holidays, waiting to hear back from DOC



Market Cross Hub Development


Clive: Nicole is on the job of completing drawings for consent process, likely due mid-March. $11450 cost, does not include consent.


Rosalie has contacted contractors for repiling. Blue Mule expect to have the work completed within 2 to 3 months (April/May). Bearers seem sound; replacements (if needed) should be included in quote.


Market Cross Community Group has had no response yet from Power Board.


ACTION: Market Cross Community Group

Cabling for internet access might also need to be coordinated with Power Board, although copper line is already in place.





KCBL funds for website group & sub-account

ACTION: Rosalie will continue to follow up


Check was received, but then was dishonoured because account had been closed.



Clive: brief for website required for CLDP admin costs application





Community-Led Development Programme




Dyan and Pete Howard are continuing to work on a synthesis of existing community plans [Town and Country (Part 1, Part 2, Concept Design), August Hui plan].


ACTION: Brian C will distribute draft of work in progress to Committee.


Dyan proposed as a goal: Community Action Plan on website, with links to individual plans relating to goals.


ACTION: Kathleen will pick up synthesis, working with Dyan and Brian C.


Pete H: been working on how to track progression and status of projects. There might be an opportunity to work with and learn from South Alive as a model for community led development.



Rosalie asked about ownership of applications.

Dyan: KCI is not the owner as fundholder. Ownership of application lies with applicant.


Detailed financials should be removed from publicly accessible website.

ACTION: Brian C to remove financials from applications to the CLDP prior to being posted on the Karamea.org.nz website




Rosalie: Zig zag track: work was completed and bill submitted, but work needed to have been sent out for registrations of interest. Potential Health & Safety issue.


DECISION: Process needs to be developed for hiring contractors.






Community-Led Development Programme: review of Conflict of Interest Policy and Health & Safety Policy

KCI needs to have Contract Management procedure, and

contractors need to have robust health and safety plans of their own.


Brian J moves that we adopt Conflict of interest policy, Rosalie seconds. Motion carried


ACTION: Brian C adds review of Health & Safety Policy to March agenda.


Community-Led Development Programme: Admin costs application


Clive: proposes admin budget be submitted now, but excluding website planning, and suggests additional requests for website brief, and remuneration package for community development/activator—Partnering Liaison Group to look at that, and report back to Committee. Consensus was to proceed with this—Clive to follow up.



DECISION: Rosalie will leave wages in, retain small amount for website for immediate needs such as switching servers. Recast budget will also allow for training. Sylvia has expressed interest in attending workshops aimed at building capacity in community lead development, presented by Exult/Inspiring Communities. Agreed by consensus.





Community-Led Development Programme: next Quarterly Report is due soon, what input do we wish to provide?

Report was submitted. Brian C had provided some general comments.





  1. Treasurer’s report

Clive moved report be accepted, Rosalie seconded. Motion carried.

  1. Correspondence: Letter from Market Cross Community Group

DECISION: Organize working bee in April for rubbish removal. ACTION: Brian C to add to agenda for March meeting

  1. General Business

Clive: Feasibility study on Oparara Basin is happening.

Dyan: names of committee members interested in attending partnering communities hui in May: Brian C, Clive, Kathleen.


Volunteer for March whakatauākī: Kathleen


KCI meeting closed 7.05pm, and was followed by a community gathering on Food on the West Coast.


Next meeting: 7pm Mon March 12, 2018





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