Minutes KCI Meeting Mon 11 June 2018

7.00 pm (Karamea Community Centre)

Present: Brian Corner, Peter Moynihan, Clive Hellyar, Rosalie Sampson, Brian Jones

Apologies: Kathleen Gavigan, Raramai Adcock, Sylvia Raikes, Dyan Hansen (DIA), Liz Kerslake

Guests: Lori Katzer, Peter Gibson

Whakatauākī:  Sylvia—postponed until July 9 meeting.

In the absence of quorum, there will be no voting.


  1. Conflict of interest notifications

Rosalie noted her interests in the Oparara Basin.


 2. Approval of minutes and review from previous meeting including action items (14 May 2018)

Clive moved that minutes of last meeting were correct, Brian J seconds. Subject to being ratified next meeting.







Kohaihai Lookout track—update on MOU

DOC digger is on its way, and work is likely to start in a couple of weeks. MOU is still outstanding. (Peter)

Digger is at Scotts Beach (progress was delayed by slips); work on the lookout track likely within a few weeks. Basic MOU is still outstanding from D.O.C (Peter will follow up when digger work is done).



Charitable Status application

Brian/Rosalie: still in progress.



Additional signatory for Oparara Arch Track Upgrade

Verification by Kathleen:

Will do next time she is in Westport.



Availability of Peter Gibson to do the accounts for the financial year

Gift was purchased and appreciated by Peter.



Posting of Community Action Plan on karamea.org.nz

Karamea Community Plan and Action Plan May 2018


 3. Treasurer’s report (Rosalie)

Also received account from the 4Square for $66.82 for the Hui. Rosalie moved that the reports be moved for payment and the accounts be accepted. Brian J seconds. Subject to being ratified next meeting. 

AGREEMENT: Interest on Oparara CLDP funds belongs to Oparara Valley Trust. Any interest earned by funds that a group receives while part of the CLDP will be retained by that group, not KCI.

4. Processing of funding applications by KCI (Kathleen in absentia by speaker phone)

Peter proposed shelving this discussion until the next KCI meeting (July 9) when we expect that both Kathleen and Dyan will be able to attend.  We also will invite Marten Schievink (ACTION: Clive).


 5. KCI CLDP applications (Brian)

Pending applications from Clean Stream Karamea, and Oparara Source to Sea group.

ACTION: Brian C will  check in with Dyan as to whether applications are ready to move ahead for submission. KCI is in favour of both concepts as fitting in well with the Karamea community plan.

 6. Follow up on Community Plan, including Market Cross Hub Redevelopment (Clive)

Peter G reported that Nicole (architect) has had delays with engineer, but hoping plans will be available soon, and then plans will be sent to Market Cross Community Group (MCCG) and KCI, and can then be submitted by KCI to council for building consent approval. MCCG will advertise for certified builders once plans are in hand, with expressions of interest to MCCG. Public toilets will need to be accessible throughout the building project. KCI and MCCG are also mindful of the needs of Saturday Market from September onwards throughout the peak summer months, and we’ll continue to liaise with the Market group.

ACTION: Nicole will forward plans to Brian C’s Dropbox, who will then distribute.

 7. Wellington Hui Report (Clive. Rosalie and Brian C)

Very useful and inspirational for all. Great facilitator, and a very diverse set of projects going on around the country under the CLDP umbrella. Important to remember that we need to have some fun while we are doing the work! Some useful tips from the Carterton group on how to hold more productive, less painful meetings. Good contacts made with the Blackball group, who are planning a visit to Karamea in the near future (possibly July). 

 8. General Business

  1. Rosalie: In KCI’s submission to Buller District Council this year, we neglected to include a funding request for the South Terrace Zig-Zag Track; we will need to submit for funding next year.
  2. Submission to TRC consultancy re Oparara Basin. Draft report was circulated by TRC. Amendments to a KCI response to the draft report were proposed by Committee (recorded by Brian, who will send to Clive), and Clive will submit to TRC.

Volunteer for July whakatauākī: Sylvia

Next meeting: 7pm Monday 9 July 2018.

Meeting closed at 8.47pm

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