Amended and approved at 15 January 2018 meeting:

Minutes Karamea Community Incorporated

11 December 2017

4pm, Karamea Community Centre (former RSA)


Present: Raramai Adcock, Brian Corner (Secretary), Kathleen Gavigan, Clive Hellyar, Brian Jones, Peter Moynihan (Chair), Radek, Sylvia Raikes, Rosalie Sampson (Treasurer)


Apologies: Paul Murray


Guests: Peter Howard (Buller REAP), Emily Miazga (Buller District Council), Dyan Hansen (Department of Internal Affairs), Lori Katzer, Hanne Nielsen, Tia (Buller REAP), Diane Anderson



Brian Jones


Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini.

(My strength is not that of an individual but that of the collective.)


In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too), those who learned how to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed

(Charles Darwin)



  1. Review and approval of minutes from previous meeting (7 Nov 2017)

MOTION: Kathleen moved to approve minutes as complete and accurate, Rosalie seconded. Motion carried.

  1. Treasurer’s report:

Income $25 in subscriptions, and $575 from Buller District Council for maintenance of the Zigzag track.

Expenses: hall hire $20, and $60 to Karamea Information & Resource Centre (KIRC) for photocopying.

Cash Balance: $1708

Accounts due: $29.35 to KIRC, and $28 to Dennis Stationery.

Peter Langford has been approached re transfer of funds for website. Transfer is dependent on him being able to go to Westport; Rosalie will follow up with him.

MOTION: Rosalie moves accounts be accepted for payment, Brian J seconds. Motion carried.

  1. Correspondence. Brian sent notes of thanks to Peter Gibson, Liz Kerslake for their work in preparing and presenting financials at the AGM, and facilitating the community meeting Oct 9, respectively.




  1. Action Items





Kohaihai Lookout track: review Management Agreement


No funding for this project from DOC. Rigorous Health & Safety requirements were noted, also potential fees. High compliance costs and liability risks.

ACTION: Peter M: speak with Suvi and/or Bob Dickson recommending DOC do initial work, and volunteers do upkeep under DOC’s supervision, and revisit contract.


Peter M


Market Cross Hub Development Update

Architect and engineer site visit has taken place. Core issue is that repiling will be required. One quote has been received.



Rosalie moved that we use Vision 2010 funding to have building repiled, subject to informing Buller District Council. Clive seconded. Motion carried



Rosalie moved that we offer project to local contractors to get additional expressions of interest by 31 December 2017. Sylvia seconded. Motion carried



Rosalie moved that payment for surveying of site be approved by Buller District Council. Brian J seconded. Motion carried


ACTION: Clive will respond to Nicole, and will develop critical path for moving forwards.  He will post item in Chronicle inviting expressions of interest in completing the repiling.


Rosalie recommended that KCI records volunteer hours to help with funding requests.


Lori expressed concern on behalf of the Saturday Market Cross Market that as little disruption as possible takes place during the summer market season (until Easter)




KCBL funds for website group & sub-account

--pending, see Treasurer’s report above.



Community-Led Development Programme Update: report from Partner Liaison Group & Dyan Hansen


Work is proceeding on developing submission pipeline, with Dyan being the initial point of contact for people interested in submitting (please schedule at least 6 weeks ahead of Department of Internal Affairs review meeting), then full submission to the KCI Secretary at least 3 weeks ahead of review meeting date. Digital submissions only will be accepted, and we are building a web form on to facilitate this; alternatively, submissions may be emailed as a Text or Word document to karameaciatgmail [dot] com

A calendar of important dates and deadlines for the Community-Led Development Programme has been created, and can be accessed here:


Dyan suggested that Blackball, another recipient of the Community Led Development Programme, might be worth meeting with at some point to compare notes and strategies.


Brian C, Dyan


Community-Led Development Programme: update on Conflict of Interest Policy & Health & Safety Policy


Health & Safety: KCI is a volunteer organization for now, but will likely need PCBU status for projects such as the Kohaihai Lookout/Zigzag tracks and repiling project. Draft is available.


ACTION: Brian J & Kathleen to continue working on H&S and policies and procedures manual, with responses back by next meeting.


Conflict of interest policy based on template from Dyan. Declaration of Interests will need to be added to Agenda.


ACTION: Brian C will circulate Conflict of interest policy to KCI, and will add Declaration of Interests to agenda for future KCI meetings.



Brian J


Community-Led Development Programme: Admin costs

Draft: $3900 for 12 months


Dyan noted that this was on the conservative side, and we would be welcome to submit as needed.


ACTION: Brian C will circulate draft




  1. Community-Led Development Programme/Other ideas: opportunities for Karamea Kindergarten investment

Rosalie is part of newly formed fundraising group Friends of Karamea Kindergarten. We agreed the Kindergarten was an ssential service for parents and children.


Tia (visiting youth worker at Buller REAP) spoke briefly on potential plans for working with Karamea youth.



  1. Karamea Social Enterprise / Value-Added Food Initiative

Pete Howard delivered a presentation authored by Dr. Sean Barnes from Ākina Foundation regarding an update of the Social Enterprise / Value-added Food Initiative from the West Coast Regional Growth Study.


Pete explained that Jane Lancaster from Catalyst and Dr. Sean Barnes from Ākina Foundation were beginning to conduct interviews with key community stakeholders including present horticulture growers, food product developers and those interested in exploring social enterprise and the development of the horticulture sector / value-added food products, restaurants etc. To help us ensure that Jane and Sean connect with everyone before their visit in February, could you please take the time to add any key stakeholders that should be talked with here. Jane will be beginning interviews shortly so would be great if you could assist with adding anyone you can think of.


  1. CoStarters for Causes

Pete Howard gave a presentation on the Co.Starters for Causes program and how this could be utilised to assist the development of community-led projects, social enterprise initiatives and business ideas, while seeking to build the entrepreneurship capabilities of participants. The expectation is that this program would assist in developing community projects to an investment-ready / implementation stage. 


The proposal is for KCI to fund the delivery of the Co.Starters for Causes programme to assist in accelerating the development of community projects and social enterprise / business ideas. Ideally delivery of the 9 week programme would begin in late March and would require a KCI funding request (budget included in presentation) in January. The belief is that this programme will assist projects in attracting funding, while building a community support network for project development. Pete will attend the KCI meeting on 8 Jan to answer any questions regarding this.



  1. General business-none.


Meeting ended 7pm, with only Radek, Sylvia and Brian C making it to the end.


Next meeting: 7pm Monday 15 January 2018

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