Minutes Karamea Community Incorporated Meeting Mon 10 September 2018

7.00 pm Karamea Community Centre (former RSA)


Meeting started 7.14pm

Present: Brian Jones (Acting Chair), Clive Hellyar, Brian Corner, Kathleen Gavigan, Raramai Adcock, Dyan Hansen (Department of Internal Affairs)

Paul Murray tendered his resignation, but reiterated his commitment to the goals of KCI.


Apologies: Peter Moynihan, Rosalie Sampson, Sylvia Raikes


Whakatauākī: Brian Jones

The logic of a madman is a sane man’s confusion. (Joe R. Lansdale)

Cooperation and conflict are two sides of the same coin; both arise out of man’s relationship with his fellows. The larger the group, the greater the possibility of development through cooperation, and the greater the possibility of conflict (Julius Nyerere)


Community-Led Development Programme business

  1. Conflict of interest notifications. Brian Jones is now on Market Cross Community Building Group.
  2. Community-Led Development Programme Updates
  • An update document has been drafted by Dyan, Brian Jones has some edits; Brian C will submit to Chronicle, Karamea.org.nz and share on Karamea Locals Facebook page. Comments can be kept open until Oct 7, and reviewed after the AGM.
  • October 31 meeting on CLDP annual report format and evaluations in Wellington—ideally need two Karamea people to attend--Rosalie Sampson is one, possibly Raramai or Brian C. 
  • Community mandate is being questioned, and community support is also being questioned. There is a misconception that the action plan is fixed; rather it is a starting document and can be amended by new projects emerging, and also depends on people stepping forward to drive a project, and feasibility studies.
  • Hokioi project: Alan Brown (sculptor) was in contact with Dyan, was wondering about coming up for a community visit. Dyan suggested that this visit be put on hold until we have clarity on CLDP. We need to develop processes on gauging community support for such projects, with one important pre-requisite being that full costing of projects should be available to community members.
  • Dyan is meeting with Alwyn Gourley about the school hall renovations.
  • Community Connector position

Contract position seems most likely due to Health & Safety requirements, but this needs to be planned out. Other CLDP partners have employed people. Does not have to be KCI that employs someone (e.g. possibly Buller REAP could be receptive and would be a supportive environment; Dyan will broach the subject with them).  Funding will be sought once we have moved through our CLDP process.


Community-Led Development Programme business concluded at 8.21pm, and Dyan departed.


Karamea Community Incorporated business

  1. Approval of Minutes July 9 and August 13 meetings, and matters arising

July meeting was ratified via email. Raramai moved that the August minutes be accepted, Kathleen seconded the motion. Motion carried. No matters arising.

  1. Treasurer’s Report. Brian J moved, Clive Hellyar seconded that Treasurer’s Reports and payments for hall hire and Cash Manager license be approved. Motion carried.
  2. Closed session: The committee went into closed session to discuss the current state of KCI, and Karamea’s relationship with the Community-Led Development Programme


  1. General business
  • Annual General Meeting is to be deferred until Oct 29.
  • Kathleen Gavigan announced her intention to resign at the Annual General Meeting.


Next meeting: KCI Committee Meeting 7pm Wed Oct 17, Karamea Community Centre

Whakatauākī volunteer:

Meeting closed at 10.31pm

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