CLDP Minutes

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Langford, D Hansen, E
Kerslake, P Moynihan, P Gibson
Apologies: D Guppy, N Te Raki
Moved: R Sampson
seconded: P Moynihan

Previous Minutes:
Taken as read.
moved: P Moynihan
seconded: P Langford

Matters Arising

Clean Streams application was successful.

Partnership Manager’s Report:
Taken as read.
Extra mileage this month due to driving to Blackball. KCI will cover this. Invoice to be presented
before next monthly meeting for ok. Extra hours worked this month will not be worked over
Christmas but claimed for then.

Phone is dying. Will buy new one. Either KCI or Liz will pay when cost is known.

From D Guppy
Two new hut wardens, please say hello if you see them.
Oparara Reserve Group have tree funding.

On its way here. Estimated 20 Nov arrival.
Engineers report through Elliot Sinclair (Hokitika) $4000. Aeon public liability and damage through
Dennis Straker $1500 + GST.
Planting will occur after installation. Dawn ceremony 4:30 with food afterwards at RSA. School will
participate in the 10a.m. ceremony.
Information panel still needs to be worked through. Liz suggested to KEEP holding off until Hokioi is
installed. Iwi to supply cultural input only.
Dyan to ask DIA about who owns the final product.
P Gibson asked whose name is on the insurance document. Liz to ask Dennis Straker.
General Business

Clean Streams is happening. Container on site, needs to be placed. Plan to have nursery operational
by autumn.

Closed 1350

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