Minutes of CLDP group meeting held 12th November 2018

Meeting was opened at 1905.

Present: Brian Jones (chair), Rosalie Sampson (treasurer), Caroline Jones (secretary), Peter Gibson, Dave Guppy, Peter Langford.

Apologies: Peter Moynihan, Dyan Hanson

It is moved that the apologies be accepted.

Moved Rosalie, seconded Dave.


Whakatauaki: You have made some mistakes and you may not be where you want to be, but that has nothing to do with your future.  Zig Ziglar


Declaration of interest: Rosalie Sampson is on the Oparara Valley Trust

The meeting opened with an explanation how it is run as two consecutive meetings, CLDP followed by the KCI meeting to meet Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) requirements.

KCI is currently filling the role of the CLDP core partnership group, until we can arrange inclusion of other community members or get (another) mandate to fill both roles.

A report on the recent CLDP gathering in Wellington from Brian Corner was read and accepted.

A notice of what CLDP and KCI have been up to should be in the Chronicle and an ad for the next meeting and an open CLDP forum in every issue.

There was a discussion of the formation of a mandated CLDP core partnership group.

There will be another hui at the end of January to formalise the CLDP group and update the community on activities. A provisional date of 26 January was proposed, dependent on Dyan Hansen being available then.

Dave will ask Paul Murray if the display currently in the window of Global Gypsy can be removed.

Employing a Community Connector.

The job title has been changed to CLDP Partnership Manager (or PM) as it was felt this better reflected the job description.

An ad is to be placed in the Karamea Chronicle on Monday 19 November and the (Westport) News on Friday 16 November.

A radio ad is to be drafted and passed to Dave who will in turn pass it on to an appropriate person involved with the local radio station.

The ad will also be put on the local website and the Karamea Locals Facebook page. Brian Corner will be nicely asked to do this for us.

An ad is to be put on the noticeboard.

There was a query as to who writes and signs the contract.

Interviews of short-listed applicants will take place during the first week in December. The interview panel will be Rosalie, Brian Jones and Peter Langford.

The successful candidate will be notified within the next fortnight, the unsuccessful candidates will be notified after the position has been accepted.

The start date will be negotiable, but a mid-January date is envisaged.

There was a discussion about an email sent by Paul Murray to Dyan Hansen recommending someone for a community facilitator role. This person will be welcome to apply for the Partnership Manager role. Dyan suggested there is an opportunity for a specific fixed term role, project managing the Karamea Food Production Pilot, which appears stalled. Funding for this position could come from the key stakeholders including the CLDP. The CLDP group decided that while the as yet unappointed Partnership Manager could assist with this role, it was not to take up most of their 20 hours per week.

CLDP meeting finished 2009.

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