Minutes CLDP meeting

Monday 9th March 2020, RSA Community Building.

Meeting opened 1:20pm
Present: B Jones (Chair + minutes)), R Sampson, D Hansen(DIA), P Moynihan, P Langford, E Kerslake,
C Stenhouse, D Sanders, C Jones (Later)
Apologies: P Gibson, D Guppy

Minutes of previous meeting: Had been circulated and taken as read. (M: P Langford. S: D Sanders)

Matters arising: Partnership Manager’s hourly rate – D Hansen to ask Ona again about other rates
for similar positions. DIA is currently undergoing an operational review which goes live on April 1 st .

An email was received, complementing the report that Liz had submitted on the Hokioi and Oparara
Reserve Projects.

Partnership Manager’s report: Had been circulated. Matters discussed included the good
opportunity for networking at the Hokioi unveiling, with Maori tribal leaders, Damien O’Connor and
Jaimie Cleine present.

The community Gathering is to be held this Saturday.

A discussion was had on the Dump Committee.

Clean Streams and Friends of Karamea Area School (FoKAS) CLDP funding applications are to be
submitted for March panel consideration. The Clean Streams one has been sent to the panel early so
they can question aspects and give feedback so that the final submission is understood completely.
Attendees at the community gathering will be asked for feedback on the CLDP.

Residents of Karamea Education Trust (RKET) is considering putting in an application for funding for a
sound system and tent. The application needs planning, with regard to how it relates to and benefits
the community.

Meeting closed 2:10 pm

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