CLDP Minutes
Meeting opened 19:05

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), E Kerslake (partnership
manager), D Guppy, D Hansen (CLDP Partnering advisor)
Apologies: none

Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes be accepted:
moved D Guppy
seconded L Kerslake

Matters Arising
The Hokioi has received all the funding applied for. The money has been put in the Hokioi on-call account.

Administration Budget. This is for things like accounting, software, workshops. An extension will be
asked for. A report on this is due March 31 2019 and the budget requested to be extended to the
end of the year.

An application has been put in to the Buller District Council Community Revilitization Fund by the
Oparara Reserve Group for funding.

Partnership Manager’s Report
This was emailed prior to the meeting for reading. It was discussed and expanded at the meeting.

Meeting closed 2025.

Other Business
That the Memorandum of Understanding between the CLDP and Karamea Community Inc. be
endorsed and signed.
moved B Jones
seconded R Sampson

Next Meeting
Monday 8 April
Meeting closed 2000.

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