CLDP Minutes
Meeting opened 1905

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Gibson, E Kerslake, D Guppy
Apologies: P Langford, D Hansen

That the apologies be accepted.
Moved C Jones
seconded R Sampson

Minutes of Previous Meeting
That the minutes be accepted.
moved P Gibson
seconded D Guppy

Matters Arising
The Hokioi project was discussed, with clarification that the funds held by the CLDP are not going to
fund either a resource consent or  an engineer’s report. The treasurer said that CDLP has been paying
those accounts that the CLDP holds the funding for and has discussed with B Chalmers how to account
for spending which is paid for by other bodies. The partnership manager is to clarify which group is
running the Hokioi project.

Partnership Manager’s Report
Taken as read, with a minor correction to the school building fund being $9 million, not $9K.
Funding for the community pot luck dinner was also discussed. Any costs are to come from the
Partnership account and come from the budget for community engagement meetings. It is envisaged
that this will be $60 for the hire of a venue and dishwasher.

General Business
E Kerslake stated a possible upcoming conflict of interest with applying for Youth Group funding if the
CDLP holds the account for the Youth Group. It was decided that as yet the conflict of interest doesn’t
matter. D Guppy also has a conflict of interest with the Youth Group.

The Hui at the end of August will be attended by E Kerslake, R Sampson, D Guppy and D Wagner.

Brian Jones is to replace B Corner with access to the Community Matters ( DIA) grants fund website. D
Hansen is to facilitate this.

Next Meeting
August 2 nd 2019 at the RSA.
Meeting closed 1930.

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