CLDP meeting Tuesday 16 June
Meeting opened 1340

Present: B Jones (chair), C Jones (secretary), R Sampson (treasurer), P Gibson, P Moynihan, P
Langford, D Sanders, C Stenhouse
Apologies: D Hansen, d Guppy, L Kerslake
Motion: That the apologies be accepted.
moved C Jones
seconded P Moynihan

Previous Minutes
As circulated and read.
Motion: That the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted.
Moved P Moynihan
seconded C Stenhouse

Matters arising
The meeting date was changed to 16 June.

The Memorandum of Understanding with Clean Streams Karamea (CSK) has been signed.
- There has been a phone conversation between B Jones (chair) and D Hansen (DIA). There needs to
be an amendment made to clarify expenditure. That being, that as long as funds are being used to
meet the CSK’s goals, within reason, surplus funding for budget areas can be used by CSK for other
purchases without ok from the department of internal affairs. In other words, there is now a little
flexibility in what can be paid for. The exclusions on vehicles and wage limits remain.

Partnership Manager Report
As circulated.
In addition, Liz had a phone call from Chris Fullford Karamea 22 – 25 June for a look around and talk to people.
There are plans for a post-Covid-19 BBQ on July 4.

Other Reports
Clean Streams Karamea (CSK)
Phase 2 funding has been released.
2 jobs (manager and funding) have been advertised and filled.
After a meeting with Hadley Mills (WCRC), CSK has been shortlisted for Provincial Growth Funding.
Suvi Van Smit (DOC Westport) has been approached and is willing to put her support behind CSK as a
shovel-ready project.
The site has been cleared and shaped by digger.

General Business
An email from Owen Jennings regarding the development of a cheese factory in Karamea, was
forwarded by D Anderson. This was discussed.

Lisa Gregory (BDC) wants a community meeting with approximately 5 members of the various
sectors of the community to help development of the long term plan.

Someone is coming to Karamea Tuesday week to talk about a Karamea – Collingwood road.
Craig Stenhouse has asked to be added to the CLDP email list.

Next meeting Monday 13 July at the RSA Community Centre 1330.
Meeting closed 1420

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