CLDP Minutes

Meeting opened 1905

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), E Kerslake (partnership manager), P Gibson, P Langford

Apologies: D Hansen, D Guppy
Acceptance of apologies:
moved C Jones
seconded R Sampson

Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes be accepted:
moved R Sampson
seconded B Jones

Matters Arising
Discussion of the upcoming workshop be discussed in General Business.

Inwards Correspondence
emails from D Hansen: Hokioi application update, digital storytelling workshop and an apology for the December 2018 meeting.

Hoikioi funding submission must be in by Thursday 17 Jan. This has been passed to the Partnership Manager (Liz).

A motion that Liz gets on the DIA list of people who can submit on behalf of KCI was made. (This is to speed things up and avoid Liz doing the paperwork and then forwarding to someone else to push the necessary buttons.)
moved R Sampson
seconded P Langford

Liz will set up her own work email address to keep her personal email free.

KCI’s email address will be monitored by Liz as some relevant emails may be sent there.

She will also look after the KCI/CLDP community web page as part of improving our info flow to the community.

CLDP report for last Wellington CLDP Hui has been submitted and approved.

Due to delays not of the Oparara Valley Trust’s making, their project start date continues to be delayed and a continuance will be applied for their project.

Quarterly reports have been delegated to the Chair and secretary for the time being.

The Partnership Manager appointment has been made, welcome to Liz Kerslake. Liz is a contractor not an employee. This means that Buller REAP will not be a key relationship partner so will not get the money budgeted for them. It was moved that in recognition of the time and effort put in by the REAP CEO, the CLDP give a donation of $500 to REAP.
moved R Sampson
seconded B Jones
for 4, against 1

Discussion of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CLDP and KCI
Health and Safety: if the CLDP group employs anyone the H&S policy will be revisited. It will also be proof read and edited.

CDLP community workshop.
Has been postponed until after school holidays have finished. A date of 16 February was proposed and accepted. Venue is Last Resort, time 10:30 – 2:30 (with a brief lunch break), Vinnie will be asked to provide catering with a budget comparable to last time.
Some discussion as to what is wanted from the workshop took place. Some aims are to confirm a CLDP group and to find how other groups are progressing with their projects.

Meeting closed 1958.

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