CLDP Monday 10 Feb 2010
Meeting opened: 1305

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Gibson, P Langford, D Sanders, D
Hansen (DIA), O DeRooy (DIA), E Kerslake, C Stenhouse, S Healey, D Guppy
Apologies: none

Minutes last meeting:
taken as read.
Moved: P Langford
Seconded: E Kerslake

Matters arising: None

Invoices from groups.
We need to develop a regularised system for invoices, can we give lump sums for things like wages.
Ona spoke about things from the DIA point of view. She will take the discussion back to Wellington.
Rosalie talked about wages, invoices and GST from groups. All invoices paid monthly. Invoices to Rosalie
first Friday of the month currently. Change to first Monday after 20 th of month invoices to Rosalie.
Though invoices will be accepted at any time.

PM report:
Read out for those who missed email.
C Stenhouse spoke on behalf of Clean Streams to the application for the next 6 months funding, what is
happening now and future plans.

Reports signed off, CLDP should see reports before they are signed off. Hokioi and Oparara Reserve
Project coming to a close. Deadline for reports should be two weeks earlier to circulate around KCI.
Ona said real joy to come here today. Helps when Karamea things are discussed to have a knowledge of
the area. Some financial things were discussed with people and groups prior to meeting. How DIA can
help and work in better as a partnership.

PM’s remuneration will be taken through to the KCI meeting to be discussed in committee.
Meeting closed 1410.

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