CLDP Minutes
Meeting opened 1905
Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), E Kerslake (partnership
manager), D Guppy, D Hansen (CLDP Partnering advisor)
Apologies: P Gibson, P Moynihan, P Langford

Acceptance of apologies:
moved R Sampson
seconded D Guppy

Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes be accepted:
moved D Guppy
seconded R Sampson

Matters Arising
The Hokioi funding application has been submitted. Nothing has been heard back as yet.
The CDLP administration funding grant has around $9000 left. KCI is required to submit an
accountability report on what the spent money has been spent on. Rosalie will meet with Liz to
discuss this. Dyan said that an extension was possible and after she is told the balance she will apply
for the extension.

Oparara (source to sea). The rockwork came in over budget. The reason for the overspend was the
amount of time between the quote and the actual work (1 year), so costs increased. There was a
discussion about how GST is applied after the funding is granted and the original quote included GST
so everything should still be affordable. Also mentioned was an offer for the signage. The DoC
watercolour artist, Mark Neilson, has offered to do a board for a reduced cost of $500.

There was some discussion as to who applies to the Buller District Council Community Revitalization
Fund, CDLP, KCI or the group actually wanting the money. The CDLP (or KCI) do not have to do the
application, a group can apply directly for itself.

Rosalie asked for clarification on whether KCI should pay invoices for CLDP projects directly, or
should the relevant group pay the invoice and KCI reimburse the group. It was decided that where
possible KCI would pay the invoice.

Partnership Manager’s Report
This was emailed prior to the meeting for reading with some discussion and expansion.
The CDLP, through the PM, will try to get the Food Production Pilot for the West Coast moving again.
The CDLP cannot support an application over the school gym as it is an education matter. Relevant
people from the school board have and will be spoken with.

Meeting closed 20:25.

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