CLDP Minutes

Meeting opened 1900

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Langford, E Kerslake
Apologies: D Guppy, D Hansen
That the apologies be accepted.
Moved R Sampson
seconded P Langford

Minutes of Previous Meeting
That the minutes be accepted with modifications to the Oparara Group name.
moved R Sampson
E Kerslake

Matters Arising
KCI have been charged RWT previously but that has now been sorted and repayment of the previous
payments is being followed up.

Partnership Manager’s Report
Taken as read.The website meeting was not attended by many people, but it was fruitful. It needs a core group of
volunteers to carry it through.

The Hokioi is a KEEP project.

General Business
The budget for the wangana will be $100 for each of the two days.
The presentation at the Hui needs something on governance, Brian will think about it.
Rosalie will talk to someone at the Hui about the Oparara Valley Funding if the opportunity arises. She
will try to have another group member present if possible.
A person is looking for a community group to volunteer in. She has been invited to meetings to get an
idea of what the group does. All CLDP meetings are open to the public.

Inwards Correspondence
An email from Otago University wanting to have a meeting with group members to discuss community-
led development. Liz will reply on behalf of the group that no one is available at the suggested time
because of Hui attendance and calving.

Next Meeting
September 9th 2019 at the RSA.
Meeting closed 2010.

Additional notes: Both the Oparara Reserve Project (ORP) correction and RWT should have been part of
the KCI meeting. Too bad.

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