Minutes KCI

Meeting opened 1735

Present: B Jones (chair), R Sampson (treasurer), C Jones (secretary), P Gibson
Apologies: P Moynihan, P Langford, D Guppy, E Kerslake, D Hansen
That the apologies be accepted.
Moved R Sampson
seconded P Gibson

Previous minutes
That the previous minutes be accepted as true and correct.
moved C Jones
seconded R Sampson

Matters Arising
A draft Memorandum of Understanding between KCI and the groups it acts as fundholder for was discussed
again. A draft MoU was read by the chair and discussed.
Points arising were: The groups can use KCI for GST and charitable status
KCI can pay only those things that have been identified in the project applications.
Requests for project payments must be addressed to KCI to benefit from GST status.
Authority must be gained from KCI before purchase is made. Email acceptable.
A draft MoU will be emailed to all committee members for approval.

Inwards Correspondence
Charities Commission email regarding annual return due.

That the financial report be tabled as read and accepted.
Moved R Sampson
Seconded C Jones

Retrospective approval for Hokioi initial payment invoice be granted and that two invoices for the Market
Cross Community building be forwarded to the District Council for payment as previously Okayed by email.
moved R Sampson
seconded C Jones

That the GST payment be approved ahead of time for when it is known.
moved B Jones
seconded P Gibson

Next meeting Monday 6 May
Meeting closed 2005

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