Minutes of Karamea Community Incorporated Meeting
Karamea memorial Library 16 January 2017, at 7:00 p.m.

Apologies: Paul, Joelle Fox and Brian

Hanne offered the following:

“Whoever has the most fun wins”

Followed by another of Maori origin:

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you”

Action items
Updated action item list below items deleted have been completed
Treasurer’s Report
Bank balance of $868.47 with 15.00 from membership subs and $15.00 venue hire making a current balance of $878.47.

Five new members. Total KCI membership is now 36. Agreed that a membership drive should be initiated after the decision on the Community Centre is announced and within the first quarter of this year. More contact with existing members is desirable and the issue of access to agendas and other documentation was discussed.

Clive moved that the Community Website be used to maintain KCI records with open access for agendas, minutes summaries, and documents suitable for public access and a committee only access for documents which are not suitable for publication. Seconded by Hanne and carried unanimously. Clive will draft guidelines for which documents fall into either category.

Market Cross Hub project
The need for maximum attendance at the meeting to be held on the evening of 19 Jan was emphasised. Clive will prepare slides of the drawings related to the community Centre improvements for that meeting. Clive

Next Whakatauākī

Clive will draft summaries of the minutes for inclusion on the website (open access). He will also approach the Visitor Centre Cttee re inclusion of the Chronicle on the website.

Next Meeting:  Monday 13 February at 7.00 pm

Meeting Closed 8:40 p.m.




Whakatauākī for next meeting



Research KCI tax status



Continue liaison on KCDC funds



Summary report for distribution to members (ongoing)



Approach Info Centre re Chronicle going on Website


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