Minutes of Karamea Community Incorporated Meeting
Karamea Bowling Club 11 September 2017, at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Brian J, Paul M, Peter M, Radek P, Clive H, Raramai, Dyan Hansen and Brian Corner.

Apologies: Hanne Nielsen and Peter Gibson

1. Whakatauākī
Peter M offered the following:
Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi
With your basket and my basket the people will live – Our cooperation and combining resources will progress our community together.

2. Community Led Development Programme (CLDP)
Clive announced that the Agreement between DIA and the Karamea community has now been finalised and signed by KCI reps (Pete M and Raramai). Dyan will arrange for DIA signing and refer a copy back to KCI. The agreement will be effective for 5 years from the date of this meeting.
Peter M moved that KCI become a member of Buller REAP – this was seconded by Clive and carried.
The CLDP future direction community meeting followed this Cttee meeting and was facilitated by Pete Howard. There will be a separate report on this. The good turnout (75 people) at the Hui held on 12 August was noted.

3. Finance
GST registration – Clive will follow up with Sheryl.

4. Previous minutes
These were reviewed – MOU with DOC is still required for maintenance of the Kohaihai Zig Zag (Lookout?) track. Peter M will follow up on this.
Clive moved that the previous minutes be accepted and this was confirmed.

5. Community building (RSA) improvement update
Clive is still in discussion with Nicole (Architect) re drawing costs which will be a significant portion of the $93000.00 budget. Her estimate including all cost including consent fees is 11,450 + GST. There was discussion about the need to do more fundraising (e.g. The Lotteries Commission) and it was agreed that the project should proceed. Paul moved that the project go ahead – this was seconded by Brian J and carried.

6. AGM date/agenda/nominations
Agreed that the date for the AGM be Monday 16 October. All cttee members present indicated their willingness to continue serving on the Cttee but Paul while still continuing to support the work of the Cttee indicated that he would be unable to continue to act as Secretary. Peter M acknowledged the contribution that Paul and others on the Cttee had made.
Brian Corner indicated that he could take on the position of Secretary. Clive will do an email round robin to formalise this. He is already a KCI member.

Meeting Closed 7.30 p.m.

Next Whakatauākī

Next Meeting:
Monday 9 October at 7.00 pm Action items

Item Who
1. Whakatauākī for next meeting Sheryl
2. Liaise with DOC re MOU for Zig Zag track (rename as Kohaihai lookout?) Peter M
3. Arrange membership with Buller REAP Secretary
4. GST registration for KCI Sheryl
5. Confirm (through joint KCI/RSA sub Cttee) go ahead with drawings Clive
6. Implement arrangements for AGM Secretary

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