Karamea Community Inc. Meeting Minutes July 10, 2017

Meeting started 7:00 p.m.

Whakatauākī: Radek:

"Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out."
- Vaclav Havel


Martin Hill
Sheryl Rhind
Hanne Nielsen
Joelle Fox
Peter Langford
Peter Gibson

In Attendance:

Pete Howard (Buller REAP)
Brian Corner
Raramai Adcock
Peter Moynihan
Ian Hedgemen
Brian Partridge
Paul Murray
Dyan Hansen (Department of Internal Affairs)

1: Karamea Community Forum "Love our Community."

  • How to Maximise Community Engagement in the Forum
  • Logistics (When Where, Why, How)
  • Desired Outcomes
  • Discuss agreement with Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and the Community Led Development Programme (CLDP).
  • Discuss opportunities arising from the alliance

Discussion on proposed date for the community forum: It was decided after considerable debate to stick with the original date of August 12, 2017.

Discussion on the CLDP: Dyan Hansen informed the committee that the CLDP is very much a programme "under development" and that Karamea and the other communities around New Zealand were pilots for the programme. The DIA was looking to the programme as a means of increasing investment in communities and said there would be $3.4million available in the first year of the alliance (to be spread across the communities involved according to applications made and accepted by DIA).

**Karamea is one of five communities nationwide to have achieved the CLDP collaboration with DIA and the only community on the South Island to be accepted into the programme.**

Clive Hellyar's effort on behalf of KCI to successfully apply to DIA to include Karamea in the programme was acknowledged.

It was also acknowledged that KCI has already been working on several CLD projects and the CLDP alliance with DIA will further enhance progress already made through enabling access to DIA; information, connections, resources, advisors and with co-investment (the DIA may contribute "partnership funding" to assist projects that are already partially funded and underway to enable successful completion of the projects. 

The formal CLDP association with DIA will add weight to funding requests made by KCI for CLDP projects and increasing the chance of success of the funding applications.

The possibility of employing a "community coordinator" was discussed and the committee generally agreed that this was not required and support for local people who have already initiated CLD projects would be a more favourable and productive outcome.

Practical progress is what we seek as a community and the committee discussion pointed to the celebration of community initiatives that are already underway, are being successfully implemented and managed and ways to support those projects.

Discussion on the "Inspiring Communities" Forum: After a brief recount of forums held in the similar communities of Blackball and Rununga, the committee discussed the upcoming forum to be held in Karamea on August 12, 2017. Facilitator Megan Courtney will come to Karamea to lead the forum, which will focus on bottom-up community-led development projects, explain just what that means and demonstrate how KCI could become a support agency to connect councils and community groups as well as being an open forum for community members to discuss and raise awareness of existing community initiatives and demonstrate how others can get involved in working to improve our community. 

The forum will also be utilised to draw up an "asset map" of community resources and groups as a reference.

At the forum, participants will also discuss positive community initiatives and celebrate their success and this will create additional support for project drivers in the community.

Examples of such community initiatives:

Answers to the following questions will also be provided and thoroughly explained at the forum.

What is CLDP?
What are the principles of CLDP?
What is KCI's role in CLDP?
What is DIA's role in CLDP?

The forum will include 3-4 community presentations that celebrate successful community projects as well as deliver examples of 3 successful CLD projects in other regions.

Desired Forum Outcomes:

That Karamea people fully understand CLDP
A clear idea of which community projects we want to focus on
List of people keen to get involved and assist progress
A clear understanding of the possibilities and opportunities for the community from the DIA alliance

Discussion on how to maximise community participation in the forum:

  • Child minding service
  • Paul will draft an article for the Karamea Chronicle and Web site to promote the forum and encourage participation
  • Pete Howard will complete posters to promote the forum to be displayed in Karamea and Little Wanganui on notice boards
  • Emphasis will be on economic advantages/opportunities/possibilities and employment
  • It was expressed that the forum should be sharply focussed and results driven. Dyan Hansen and Pete Howard assured the committee that Megan Courtney was an exceptional forum facilitator and would keep the forum on track and focussed. The committee asked that the forum agenda be simplified and that significant content be addressed earlier in the proceedings...More pith and less piffle.

2: Community Building Improvement Update

Motion: To proceed with the Karamea Community building improvements on the basis of the updated document (Appendix 1).

Moved Clive Hellyar/Seconded Ian Hedgeman

3: Review Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Add to previous minutes that KCI will register for GST to meet DIA expectations

4: General Business

  • Letter from Buller District Council confirming funding for maintenance of the South Terrace Zig-Zag Track: $500
  • Projector formally owned by Karamea Community Business Ltd was gifted to KCI
  • Letter received from Hamish MacBeth regarding the transfer of fund from KCBL to KCI for the purpose of funding further development of the Karamea Community Web site.
    "As the website group is quite informal and has no official status or bank account, we are interested in the possibility of KCI having a dedicated account in which you could hold the money on our behalf, and make payments as we request."

Motion: That KCI agrees in principle to act as the account holder to facilitate the transfer of funds (approximately $2,000) from KCBL to the Web site group for the purpose of community Web site development.

Moved Raramai Adcock/Seconded Clive Hellyar

KCI Secretary Paul Murray expressed frustration that he was not receiving some KCI correspondence and asked that all KCI correspondence be forwarded to him for the records and to enable him to prepare the documents for KCI meetings. It was agreed that this would happen.

Next Meeting: August 11, 2017 (meet with "Inspiring Communities: Megan Courtney ahead of the Karamea forum) 4:30 p.m. at LR Café (Peter Moynihan to arrange this with Ed)

Meeting Closed at 9:30 p.m.

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