Karamea Community Incorporated has been working hard, along with our partners at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), to get our Community-Led Development Programme (CLDP) up and running smoothly.  To recap, in community-led development, we work within five guiding principles:


  • shared local visions or goals drive action and change
  • use existing strengths and assets
  • many people and groups working together
  • building diverse and collaborative local leadership
  • adaptable planning and action informed by outcomes.

In Karamea, we have had two community Hui, where we invited all members of the community to come and present their ideas for the CLDP. (Report of May 2018 Karamea Community Hui)

From input we received at these Hui, we developed a long-term Community Plan, and a more immediate list of priorities that will be used to drive submissions, an Action Plan. For details see Karamea Community Plan and Action Plan May 2018. Paper copies are available for reading at the Karamea Information & Resource Centre.

Information on how to make a submission to the CLDP is available on the main Community-Led Development Programme (CLDP) page

You will also see on that page a list of all submissions that have been made to the CLDP. We recognize that not everyone has been able to attend the Hui, and we invite your comments on existing (and future) proposals. Karamea community members are invited to log in to the Karamea.org.nz website, and leave comments in support (or otherwise) of each of the community-led development projects. Comments will be visible to all who visit that web page. Please be aware that your comments may factor into Department of Internal Affairs decision-making regarding support for the project; please choose your words carefully and thoughtfully, and in the spirit of constructive community-building. We ask that you provide your real name on your comment, so that other community members may follow up with you, if needed. If you prefer, you may provide the Karamea Community Incorporated secretary (currently Brian Corner) (karameaciatgmail [dot] com) with your written comment (paper or email), and they will post your comment on your behalf.

It is especially critical at this time that we receive comments on the pending proposal from the Oparara Source To Sea group. The proposal is for flood mitigation, restoration and beautification work at the Oparara Reserve. Full details and a space for your comments are available on the Oparara 2018 CLDP Funding Request page

We hope that having this additional mechanism for providing community feedback will help ensure that the proposals going forwards are a true reflection of priorities for the Karamea community. If you need help getting logged in to the Karamea.org.nz website, please don’t hesitate to ask Radek (radekatkaramea [dot] org [dot] nz) or Brian for assistance, or send an email to webteamatkaramea [dot] org [dot] nz


Brian Corner

Secretary, Karamea Community Incorporated.

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