Karamea Community Incorporated Agenda 12 February 2018

6pm—7pm, Karamea Community Centre (previously the RSA)


Apologies: Emily Miazga, Peter Moynihan


Whakatauākī: Kathleen



  1. Conflict of Interest Register notifications
  2. Approval of minutes and review from previous meeting including action items (15 Jan 2017)






Kohaihai Lookout track: pending

ACTION: Peter to revisit after holidays


Market Cross Hub Development:

Repiling: no responses to Chronicle advertisement. Market Cross Community Group are willing to go ahead with the repiling, and have now passed back to KCI for hiring of the contractors. Rosalie moved that we go ahead with hiring repiling contractors, Kathleen seconded, motion carried.

Easement on southern boundary will be an additional cost on Vision 2010 funds.

ACTION Clive: Timelines/critical path being constructed, hope to have completed by February meeting.

ACTION: Rosalie will contact contractors.

ACTION: Market Cross Community Group to initiate enquiries with power board re electrical and cabling. Good internet connection needs to be installed in the building.



KCBL funds for website group & sub-account: Peter Langford in process of closing account and residual funds will be allocated to website group.

ACTION: Rosalie will continue to follow up


Community-Led Development Programme:

First submission for investment has been received from the Oparara Valley Project Trust: Upgrade of the Oparara Arch Track.


Liz noted that some exciting things are happening in the community (e.g. a weekly Abundance Swap), and other projects are fermenting nicely.

ACTION: Dyan and Pete Howard are working on a synthesis of existing community plans [Town and Country (Part 1, Part 2, Concept Design), August Hui plan], with a goal of this being updated by next meeting.

ACTION: Brian C will develop processes for publicising applications as they come in.



Community-Led Development Programme: review of Conflict of Interest Policy and Health & Safety Policy

ACTION: Brian J/Kathleen: shelved until next meeting, taking into account growing needs of KCI for working with contractors.


Community-Led Development Programme: Admin costs application. Rosalie moved to revise budget $6000 and Brian to submit application; Clive seconded. Motion carried.

Note: Clive wishes to introduce an additional investment proposal under this item.

ACTION: Rosalie to revise budget, Brian C to submit application to CLDP.


Community-Led Development Programme: next Quarterly Report is due soon, what input do we wish to provide?

ACTION: Brian C will collate responses from KCI Committee and send to Dyan by end of this week (Jan 21).


  1. Treasurer’s report
  2. Correspondence: Letter from Market Cross Community Group
  3. General Business


Volunteer for March whakatauākī:


Next meeting: 7pm Mon March 12, 2018



Community gathering to follow at 7pm: Food on the West Coast

The West Coast Economic Development Action Plan has initiated a project that is focused on growing Social Enterprise on the West Coast, with a particular focus on food-based initiatives. Members of the project team from Ākina, Catalyst and the NZ Govt would like to discuss the project, our aims and what we have found out so far. There will be lots of time for questions and discussion, and we would also like to explore ideas such as the community kitchen and challenges like skills/training.



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