Karamea Community Incorporated Annual General Meeting

Karamea Community Centre (previously the RSA)                  

7 pm Monday 29 October 2017                               



  1. Welcome

  2. Apologies

  3. Chairperson’s report (Peter Moynihan)

  4. Finance report (Rosalie Sampson)

  5. Election of General Committee members: 1) Chairperson 2) Secretary. 3) Treasurer 4) members for General Committee

  6. General business


The annual subscription (currently $5) is payable by the AGM each year. Members must pay their annual subscription to be considered active members of the group and to have voting rights at the AGM. Full membership details are available on theKaramea Community Incorporated Membership page.


We welcome new members!


Mission Statement and Objectives

  • To undertake activities that enhance Karamea as an hospitable, safe, and productive community where members of the community can live, share, play, celebrate, prosper and welcome others.

  • To facilitate funding initiatives for projects that benefit the Karamea community in consultation with community members.

  • To coordinate activities that will enhance the prosperity and wellbeing of the Karamea community.

  • To encourage long term sustainable strategic planning in partnership with agencies in Karamea and elsewhere to obtain a focused balance between community, business, visitor and hospitality.

  • To encourage and support good environmental policies and practice in acknowledgment of the importance of the natural environment in our region.

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